Modern designs have changed golf club loft

gapping strategy for good.

Today’s “distance irons” feature stronger lofts than ever.

Correct loft gapping has never been more important for consistent distance control.

Frequently asked.

Technology has changed tremendously in a short period of time. Let’s get you caught up.

1. What is a traditional PW loft?

Irons sets of years past featured a typical pitching wedge loft around 48 degrees. Today’s distance irons strengthen that to 43 degrees or more.

2. How does this affect distance control?

A change in loft of 4-6 degrees affects distance potential by 10-15 yards. This means that on average today’s “distance” irons fly upwards of 15 yards further per club than traditional iron sets.

3. How does this affect my overall set?

With modern pitching wedges featuring lofts in the neighborhood of 43 degrees+, it’s critical to round out your set with appropriate wedge lofts.

4. How many wedges are appropriate?

If your set features a 43 degree PW, an appropriate wedge loft configuration would could be 48, 52, 56 and 60. If 3 wedges are preferred, 48, 54, 60 degree lofts would be acceptable.

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