What is the Best Golf Iron for My Game?

Here we discuss how to better understand which iron model best suits your specific swing needs.

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What Makes a Great Iron?

Starts with a premium materials. 

Upon hitting an iron made of premium materials versus one that is made of lesser it becomes very obvious how improved feel, sound, aesthetics, and overall performance improve with the quality of the materials being used in the design.

Continues with club head design.

Club head designs vary from tour-level muscle backs (MB’s) to oversized cavity backs (OS CB’s). Scratch golfers who make consistent sweet spot contact benefit from those designs that feature less offset. The minimal offset allows for exceptional shot shaping capability, working shots at or away from pins on command.

By contrast, cavity back designs are geared towards the mid-to-high handicap players who need more forgiveness on those off-center strikes. This promotes enhanced ball speed across the entire face, which leads to improved average distance.

And ends with a proper fit.

It’s easy to become blinded by flashy new golf gear, but even the finest club must be fitted properly to maximize it’s potential. Height, wrist-to-floor, swing speed, ball speed, shot dispersion, and a host of other measurements can be used to determine which club is best for your golf needs. Let’s build on this.

The Proper Fit

The golf swing is a synergy of physics. Entirely dependent on generating the correct angles at impact, a properly fit club helps create much needed consistency.

Club Head Design

Club head design must compliment the quality of the ball striker. Find the balance between the club design that catches your eye, and the proper amount of forgiveness needed for your swing.

Steel vs Graphite Shafts

The proper club shaft will have sufficient stability for your tempo and swing speed. In general, steel offers enhanced control and feel, while graphite’s lighter weight promotes maximum swing speeds for more distance.

Lie Angle

Think of lie angle similar to how we consider car tires; both determine the quality of ground contact. Proper lie angles produce squarer impact and consistent, rectangular shaped divots. Key to consistent results.

Know your Wrist-to-Floor Measurement

More so than height alone, wrist-to-floor (with golf shoes on!) is a more accurate method of determining any necessary club length adjustment. You may be above or below average height, but perhaps your arms are longer or shorter than you realize. Where your wrist-to-floor falls (with shoes on!) is crucial in determining the correct club length you need for your particular swing.

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